Dormeo® Curve™

Octaspring® Aerospace TechnologyOctabreeze Vent Technology

Dormeo® Features Patented Octaspring® AerospaceTechnology to deliver superior breathable, cooling comfort for a better night’s sleep.

Octaspring® Aerospace Technology was born out of necessity for a better way to sleep. These patented, all-foam springs offer head to toe contouring support for all bodies.

The open honeycomb structure is naturally breathable and allows movement and airflow in all directions for a cooler, healthier sleep.

Breathtaking Comfort. Breathability. Superior Support.

The Dormeo ® mattress with Octaspring ® Technology is the most advanced mattress on the market.

Experience a better night’s sleep you won’t find anywhere else.


Active Airflow


touch Cover

Octa Vent

Octabreeze Vent Cover

UHD Recovery

Contouring Support

Contouring Support

Aerospace Technology

Aerospace Technology


Durability Tested

Dormeo® Curve Mattress

The most advanced, most luxurious combination of our Patented Aerospace Octaspring® Technology. The Dormeo® Curve is the first mattress on the market to bring breathability, airflow and technology from the top all the way to the bottom layer of the mattress creating the most breathable mattress around; 8X more breathable than other memory foam beds.

The Dormeo® Curve features a breathable, cool to the touch cover, luxurious Ultra High Density Recovery Foam™, and three full layers of Octaspring® Technology including the Octachannel and Octacurve; all thoughtfully engineered to offer the utmost in support, pressure relief and breathability.