Dormeo® Remedy™

Octaspring® Technology

Octabreeze Vent Technology

The Dormeo® Remedy 11” Mattress Features Patented Octaspring® Technology to deliver superior breathable, cooling comfort that is up to 8 times more breathable than other memory foam mattresses.

Octasprings® were born out of necessity for a better way to sleep. These patented, all-foam springs offer head to toe contouring support for all bodies.

The open honeycomb structure is naturally breathable and allows movement and airflow in all directions for a cooler, healthier sleep.


Breathtaking Comfort. Breathability. Superior Support.

The Dormeo ® mattress with Octaspring ® Technology is the most advanced mattress on the market.

Experience a better night’s sleep you won’t find anywhere else.

Octaspring Technology


Active Airflow

Active Airflow


touch Cover

Octa Vent

Octabreeze Vent Cover

HD Recovery

HD Recovery

Contouring Support

Contouring Support

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Aerospace Technology

Aerospace Technology

Ten Year Warranty

10 Year Warranty


Durability Tested

Dormeo® Remedy 11” Mattress

The Dormeo® Remedy 11” Mattress begins with a cool to the touch, high performance cover for optimal body temperature while you sleep.

This cover is also completely breathable featuring the Octavent™ that allows hot, humid air to leave your mattress simultaneously drawing in cool fresh air. Temperature is the #1 disrupter of sleep, natural airflow throughout your mattress is the best possible way to ensure you have a temperate sleep space throughout the night; not to mention it creates a healthier sleep space as well.

The Dormeo® Remedy 11” Mattress is not only breathable but also offers superior pressure relief with 2 full inches of high-density recovery foam to contour to the curves of EVERY body shape in ANY sleeping position.Remedy mattress layered structure

This high-quality foam paired with our Patented Octaspring® Technology guarantees contouring support for proper alignment throughout the night. The Dormeo® Remedy 11” Mattress gives you the best of a spring support system and the pressure relief of an all-foam mattress without any of the trapped body heat allowing you to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake feeling refreshed!